The 5th Art Festival Overseas Works Collection Hebei Institute of Communications

Distinguished leaders,and dear students,
The 5th Art Festival in Hebei Institute of Communications(hereby HIC) is to be held from April to November, 2016. In order to strengthen the relationship between HIC and overseas universities and promote communication and cooperation among universities and college students, we sincerely invite your school and your students to participate in our art festival ,providing excellent works to attend  the competition.
The type of works collection is short films that are divided into 5 categories:feature films(within 30 minutes), documentaries(within 30 minutes), animated films(within 10 minutes), advertising films(within 10 minutes), and MV(within 10 minutes).All the short films should be recorded in the form of MEPG or AVI,and made into discs.1 piece of works needs to be made into 1 disc,and please fill in the attached form  with  complete name list of production team.
After collecting all the works, we will organize experts inside and outside the school to evaluate in terms of different categories.Each category includes Finalist Award , and Grade Award(the First ,Second and Third Prize). As for the works with a  quite high quality, we endow Special Award.The prize bonus and certificates are specified to be awarded by the Organizing Committee of  the 5th Art Festival. 
       作品电子版提交至电子邮箱 ;通信地址:中国河北省石家庄市新华区警安路8号国际交流处马老师,邮编:050071。
Please send your E-edition email to :
    Correspondence Address: Mr.Ma,No.8Jing’anRoad,Xinhua District,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China.
Expiry Date: September 10th,2016
All the works should be in Chinese edition or native language.

       Enclosed: Application Form
                                                                                                 Hebei Institute of Communications

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